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Top Tips For Having More Energy

16 November, 2017

Do you want more energy?

Well you’re in luck!

I have collaborated with a group of health bloggers and asked them to share their top 3 tips for having more energy.

You’re welcome!

Cassie’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

1. Sleep – It might seem obvious but making sure you get enough sleep is essential. Whilst it might be tempting to watch one more episode of Stranger Things, your body and your mind will thank you for getting to bed at a reasonable hour to recharge!

2. Eat Well – Whenever I have an overly indulgent weekend I always end up feeling drained and run down. When I eat well, my body pays in kind and I have the energy to make the most out of my day!

3. Embrace down time – It’s so tempting to keep ourselves really busy and on the go, even on weekends. But I’m a strong advocate for giving ourselves some down time. And no – I’m not talking about doing some work in front of the TV! Give yourself a proper break and do something you love, whatever that is!

Cassie Spanner from Be Forever Healthier

Trifina’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

Looking after a toddler is exhausting so keeping my energy levels throughout the day is so important.

1. Get enough sleep. Nothing is worse than starting the day with lack of sleep. When my toddler is teething and we had a rough night, I try to sleep when my toddler is napping.

2. Self Care. Sometimes I get so caught up looking after everyone else that I forget to take care of myself. Even something as simple as having a bubble bath can really invigorate the mind and body. Self care isn’t selfish and I feel I have more of me to give when I start taking care of myself.

3. Exercise. We come up with so many excuses for not exercising – most being lack of time and energy. If you have time to shower then you have time to exercise. I find I have more energy and a spring in my step if I exercise on a consistent basis.

Trifina Sofian from Young and Cancer Free

Joanna’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

1. Eating the right foods; wholesome foods, with high nutrient-dense ingredients is the key to avoiding energy slumps. Sugary, low nutrient-dense foods can often cause energy crashes, which can leave us reaching for more unhealthy snacks.

2. Cut out the caffeine. I am a coffee lover so this one is tough; however, every time I’ve cut back on my coffee intake I notice that I sleep better, I wake up less groggy, and I feel more energized throughout my day.

3. Exercising Right. Knowing what kind of exercise your body needs can be the difference of feeling sluggish and exhausted, or feeling rejuvenated and energetic all day. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous and high intensity in order to reach your goals. Listen to your body and adapt as needed.

Joanna Zervas from Balanced Posture Online

Ciara’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

My top 3 tips for more energy are to eat well, sleep well and exercise. I find if I miss out on any of those I need to catch up.

Ciara Doran from Cool Things I Love

Wendy’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

1. Eating well has to be number one for me. If you eat mostly junk and packaged foods, you’ll feel sluggish and run down. Eating a variety and balance of real, whole foods will give your body the nutrients it needs to perform at it’s best.

2. Regular activity is number two on my list. I believe that finding a variety of exercises and activities you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle, gives you plenty of energy to get through the day.

3. My third tip is to cut back on sugary drinks and replace them with water. The excess sugar from these drinks will give a short term ‘high’ followed by brain fog and general lack of energy. Drinking enough water will keep you hydrated and clear headed

Wendy Hodge from Wendy’s Way to Health

Amanda’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

1. Staying hydrated. When I feel sluggish I usually realize I have not had enough water. I start everyday with a big glass of water or lemon water to start off on the right foot and then I go for the coffee.

2. It has been said before but eating healthy foods that are not highly processed or full of sugar. If I eat a lot of sugar I can immediately feel the effects on my energy levels.

3. Go for a walk. If I have been working all day and I need an energy boost I go out for a quick walk and get some fresh air. Even if it is only for 10 minutes I come back feeling more energized and refreshed.

Amanda Barnes from Amanda Barnes Nutrition

Amy’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

1.I turn on a song that’s really uplifting and gets me going. It puts me in a good mood and a good mindset.

2. Open all the blinds and/or window coverings. Letting in natural light.

3. Working out. Even if it’s just taking a walk, just get your body moving.

Amy Miller from I ♥ the New Me

Chantal’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

1.Sleep – it’s so important. I’ve been sleep deprived for about 5 years now (3 kids under 6) and I’m desperately trying to get more restorative sleep so that I feel better and have more energy.

2. Get outside – I love sunshine and find that getting outside helps immensely with mood, motivation and energy. That vitamin D is so important!

3. Eat & Drink! Make sure you’re eating properly and staying hydrated throughout the day. If you let either of these slip, so will your energy levels.

Chantal Drouin-Charters from Mindful Munching

Susan’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

1. Exercising – it not only energizes me, it also makes me sleep well because my body and muscles are tired from working-out.

2. Avoiding Sugar & Caffeine – lots of sugar spikes my blood sugar and then makes me crash. I feel better and have more energy when I’m eating healthy food. I have a love and hate relationship with caffeine. I get enough energy to make it through the day, but sometimes it gives me too much energy and I won’t sleep well. So I avoid caffeine after 12 pm. And, I really do better without it because I sleep better if I just have a cup of green tea or a decaf coffee.

3. Vitamin B and B12 – I take a Super B supplement everyday, as well as a B12 Spray. Since I don’t eat meat, I find that the spray really gives me a boost of energy. My bloodwork showed that I was low on vitamin B12 and I feel a huge difference with my energy, stress, and mood when I take the supplements.

Susan Minich from My Real Dish

MJ’s Top 3 Tips for Energy

1. Get good quality sleep. Avoid screens 1-2 hours before sleep.

2. Sounds weird but Exercise! When we exercise, we change ourselves on a cellular level and improve the efficiency of the mitochondria (the power houses in our cells). When individual cells can make energy at a faster rate, our entire body will start to feel better and have more energy (simplified explanation)

3. Eat whole fresh food as much as you can. Similarly, providing your body with the best nutrients means your cells can work at its best. It also ensures that we get the essential vitamins and minerals for the different metabolic reactions in the body to happen.

MJ from The Babywearing Health Coach

Ready to have more energy?

Your Empowered Actions

Choose 1-3 things from the list above that resonate with you and try them out this week.

“Take what you need and leave the rest”

Need some support to boost your energy?

About the contributors

Cassie Spanner

Cassie Spanner

Be Forever Healthier

Cassie Spanner is the creator of Be Forever Healthier, a site that helps women live their healthiest lives through sharing simple and delicious recipes, fun health challenges & real life health stories.

Trifina Sofian

Trifina Sofian

Young and Cancer Free

Trifina Sofian is a breast cancer survivor and the founder of a website resource for those who want to gain clarity, focus and direction during cancer treatment and find their “new normal”. She wants to help others move past their fears and mindsets that have been holding them back from achieving an anticancer life.

Joanna Zervas

Joanna Zervas

Balanced Posture Online

Owner and creator of Balanced Posture Online, Joanna a Canadian living in Australia. Since moving overseas in 2011, Jo has completed her Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences and became an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, specialising in postural alignment, corrective exercise, and injury management. Having launched her website and online programs, she hopes to reach audiences all across the globe to help them with their journey to better posture, health and wellness. She is a firm believing that no matter your age, fitness level, or injuries, you can still train your body to new limits and improve your overall quality of life. “You don’t know what your health is worth, until it’s gone”

Ciara Doran

Ciara Doran

Cool Things I Love

Ciara Doran is a stay-at-home Mum to two gorgeous baby girls. Her blog is and it is about lifestyle, diet, wellbeing and natural skincare. She focuses mainly on staying healthy and living a chemical free life wherever possible, self care, positivity and holistic lifestyle.



Wendy's Way to Health

Wendy is the founder of Wendy’s Way to Health. She’s a Precision Nutrition certified coach and healthy lifestyle blogger, promoting moderation and a common sense approach to diet and exercise. Wendy launched her membership program called The Healthy Normal Revolution earlier this year to help women who want to quit dieting and create a balanced, healthy lifestyle instead, within a supportive group environment.

 Amanda Barnes

Amanda Barnes

Amanda Barnes Nutrition

Amanda Barnes is a Registered Dietitian and owner/creator of a website and blog with recipe and healthy eating inspiration. She also offers one-on-one nutrition coaching online. Her approach is more than education, changes in life come from a mental shift. She wants to help you learn to change your thought patterns and reach your nutrition goals with support, encouragement and guidance.Ciara Doran is a stay-at-home Mum to two gorgeous baby girls. Her blog is and it is about lifestyle, diet, wellbeing and natural skincare. She focuses mainly on staying healthy and living a chemical free life wherever possible, self care, positivity and holistic lifestyle.

Amy Miller

Amy Miller

I ♥ the New Me

Amy Miller is the creator of I Heart the New Me. On her blog you’ll find health & wellness tips, workouts, recipes, and some lifestyle tips. She writes about things that she finds helpful and inspiring, so you, too, can find ways to be the best version of yourself!



Mindful Munching

Chantal is the co-founder of Mindful Munching. Her blog is where you’ll find tips, recipes and information on programs that will help you improve your eating habits. She wants to share the knowledge she’s gained after years of struggling with digestive issues, and help bring healthy eating habits into your life so you feel great about yourself and what you eat.



The Babywearing Health Coach

Dr MJ (PhD) is an accredited exercise scientist and a pregnancy & postpartum health & fitness coach. She is the founder of Active Mama Tribe WA and her aim is to help mums-to-be and new mums be active and healthy on their own terms. Her approach is to keep things simples and find out what works for individuals

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