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The Energy Transformation: 90-Day Jumpstart

As a nutritionist and health coach my mission is to empower women who feel tired, overwhelmed, and stuck to develop habits that will transform their energy so they can go after what they want and create a life they love!

Do you…

◊ feel tired and worn out?
◊ wake up feeling like you could do with a few more hours sleep?
◊ have that sense of heavy energy weighing you down throughout the day?
◊ rely on sugar or caffeine for that energy boost?
◊ feel stuck with where you’re at and don’t really know what to do to move forward?
◊ feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin?
◊ feel like you know what you should be doing but for whatever reason you’re just not doing it?

I want to help you transform your energy!

I want you to…

◊ wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day
◊ have consistent energy throughout the day without needing to rely on that caffeine hit or sugar fix
◊ experience that amazing feeling of being in flow – where things are happening with ease and there’s that sense of momentum to keep moving forward
◊ feel excited, motivated, and inspired to go after what you want and create a life you love
◊ radiate that positive energy because you feel good within yourself!

The Energy Transformation: 90-Day Jumpstart is all about empowering you to know what you and your body need at any given moment to transform your energy!

The Energy Transformation helps you do this by taking a unique approach and providing you with the support and accountability you need to succeed!

We start with the foundations that are going to set you up for success and focus on taking small, achievable steps forwards.

With my support and accountability you will create new habits that inspire and uplift you and that stick around for the long haul.

“I have just finished doing the 90-day jumpstart with Olivia and I can honestly say it has been amazing! Not only is Olivia wonderful to work with, but she has managed to help me move forward when I was feeling really quite stuck in my life.

I came to her feeling tired and lethargic, my all or nothing type of character getting the better of me. I had also recently qualified as a nutritionist and so felt that I knew what to do, but somehow I just wasn’t walking the talk, making me feel so unconfident about setting up my own nutrition and wellness business.

Olivia has managed to bring clarity and balance back into my life and I have finally managed to launch my business, and it feels fantastic! Thank you Olivia for all you’ve done for me in helping me move forward, you are an absolute gem!”

Nicola Mitchell

Nutritional Therapist, Wildly Healthy

Here’s what makes my approach within this Jumpstart unique!

◊ Co-creative ◊

I will work collaboratively and co-creatively with you to utilise your own experience and knowledge to come up with the most impactful next steps for you between each session. This is all about increasing options, choice, and possibility for you so you can go from feeling stuck to feeling empowered.

◊ Individual and Exploratory ◊

We will take an individual approach to food, fitness, and self-care, tailoring all your actions to what will serve you best at that moment. Despite my education, training, and research into nutrition and health I don’t want to pretend to know the truth about what’s best for you and your body. I want to help guide and support you in discovering what’s best for you. I want to help you tune into your body and to hear and understand the different signals it gives you. This is what helps you discover what is working or not working for your body. We can then use this wisdom to guide the steps you take moving forward.

◊ Transformational ◊

I will help you create transformation by supporting your ability to follow through, overcome obstacles, and turn good ideas into lifelong habits. This program is not about giving you a plan or actions that require strict willpower and that feel forced or hard. My goal is to help you develop new healthy habits that feel natural, enjoyable, and sustainable.

Life inevitably happens to all of us and sometimes our focus gets pulled away from our goals and taking those steps towards them. Throughout the program we will identify/look at any obstacles or challenges that arise and uncover what is needed to make your success inevitable.

◊ Holistic ◊

Food and movement are a large part of health coaching/this Jumpstart. And they are often good/necessary starting points. But in our work together we will focus on all areas of your being: mind, body, and soul. Sleep, stress, hydration, movement, spirituality, life purpose, relationships, career, etc. They’re all connected. We will be looking at everything that makes up your life and observing the way it is now and the you desire it to be. By taking all aspects of your life into consideration we will find hidden obstacles, as well as hidden sources of power and inspiration that will support you to achieve your goals faster, and in a way that leaves you transformed. We are not looking for temporary successes or breakthroughs here, but sustainable transformation.

Ready to discover how you can Transform Your Energy?

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The Energy Transformation: 90-Day Jumpstart consists of 12 x 1 hour sessions with me (held weekly and conducted over Skype audio).

Here’s what we’ll cover in our sessions together!

Session 1

In Session 1 we’re going to set you up for success by:
◊ Getting really clear on your 90-day goals and why these are important to you (this is super important!)
◊ Creating powerful reminders that will help you stay on track to achieve your goals
◊ Identifying anything that might get in the way of you achieving your goals

Session 2

In Session 2 we’re going to talk about how food impacts your energy. You will:
◊ Start identifying the foods that boost your energy and the ones that bring it crashing down!
◊ Learn a super simple technique you can use when eating that can help increase your energy!

Session 3

In Session 3 you will:
◊ Start learning how to listen to the signals and messages your body is giving you
◊ Discover when and how much you need to eat to optimize your energy

Session 4

In Session 4 we will:
◊ Check-in on your goals and make sure these are still in alignment
◊ Learn a simple technique that can shift the way you think about healthy habits and make them even more powerful

Session 5

In Session 5 we will:
◊ Discuss the ways we can sabotage ourselves, why this can happen, and how you can move forward with your goals
◊ Discover a simple way you can start creating more positive energy within yourself

Session 6

In Session 6 you will:
◊ Uncover fun ways to boost your energy
◊ Discover powerful things you can do to nourish yourself and enhance your energy

Session 7

In Session 7 you will:
◊ Understand how slowing down and relaxing can give you more energy
◊ Learn a powerful technique to make you feel relaxed and calm (but also energised) within minutes

Session 8

In Session 8 we’re going to dive a little deeper… You will:
◊ Gain a new perspective on what your body is trying to tell us and how our judgements can be an opportunity for empowerment
◊ Identify any areas of your life that are begging for an infusion of energy

Session 9

In Session 9 you will:
◊ Be guided through a meditation to help you start listening to your intuition
◊ Uncover any limiting beliefs that could be holding you back from achieving your goals and learn how to transform these into something more positive and empowering

Session 10

In Session 10 you will:
◊ Review how things are travelling and reflect on how far you’ve come
◊ Discover the power of acknowledgement and gratitude in energising us on our journey to achieve our goals

Session 11

In Session 11 you will:
◊ Think big with The Life Inventory exercise
◊ Uncover what might be next for you on your journey

Session 12

Wow! We’ve reached the last session of your Energy Transformation. We will:
◊ Celebrate and reflect on your journey over the last 90 days
◊ Get clear on what’s next for you moving forward

Ready to Transform Your Energy?

You may choose…


Schedule your FREE Discovery Session with me now!

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