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How to Get Unstuck

12 September, 2017

Recently I was feeling super stuck.

Stuck in a mundane routine. Go to work. Work on my biz. Cook food. Wash the dishes. Wash the clothes. Sleep. Repeat.

I don’t know about you but when I feel stuck I find that it’s easy for negativity to set in which can make it really hard to see a way forward.

In this particular instance I reached out to a fabulous group of health practitioners to get their advice. They had some fantastic suggestions for me so I decided to compile a list for you!

Sometimes small, simple things can make a huge difference!

Simple Ways to Get Unstuck

◊ Breathe
◊ Go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine
◊ Diffuse some uplifting essential oils
◊ Journal
◊ Listen to music that makes you feel good. You could even create a playlist of your fave songs!
◊ Dance
◊ Get a haircut
◊ Listen to an inspiring podcast
◊ Change up your routine
◊ Do your work in a different location, e.g. at a café or the library
◊ Go for a walk
◊ Be present and find beauty in the simple things
◊ Discover a new suburb
◊ Catch-up with a friend
◊ See a movie – in the middle of the day!
◊ Go to a class or workshop
◊ Go to an event
◊ Do something you’ve always wanted to do
◊ Plan something to look forward to – this might be something you do once you achieve a goal (hello motivation) or it might just be for no reason at all (treat yo’self!)
◊ Take the day off and do whatever the heck you want to do!
◊ Ask yourself “how do I want to feel?” and then identify one thing you can do that will create that feeling and do it!
◊ Reach out – ask for support or just talk to someone!

Ready to get unstuck?

Your Empowered Actions

Choose 1-3 things from the list above (or come up with your own ideas) and schedule time to do them this week.

Save or print this list and keep it handy for those stuck moments!

“Take what you need and leave the rest”

Need some help getting unstuck?

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