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Guided Meditations to Tame Your Monkey Mind

17 October, 2017

Meditation has so many benefits – reduced stress, more energy, and more focus just to name a few.

The problem for me is that any time I sit down to meditate my mind is a blur of thoughts. No sooner than when I tune into my breath does the next thought pop up.

What am I going to have for lunch?
Breathe in.
Have I run out of carrots?
Breathe out.
I really should exercise today.
Breathe in.
Oooh, I could post a tip about breathing and meditation on Facebook.
Breathe out.
Maybe I should make a video about it.

On and on! Thought after thought!

Pretty soon I’m so frustrated by all these thoughts and my lack of focus that I give up on meditating.

Eventually, I figured out that I needed to find a way to make meditation work for me. I needed something to focus on. Something that was going to tame my monkey mind.

The solution?

Guided meditations.

Guided meditations are absolutely fantastic but it’s important to find ones that you enjoy listening to.

I’ve downloaded lots of meditations from various people but my absolute faves are all from Kate Reardon and Sara Brooke. The ones I’ve listed below are the ones I come back to again and again but both ladies have plenty more on offer.

My Favourite Guided Meditations

◊ Guided meditation for sleep and relaxation by Kate Reardon (9 mins)
A beautiful short meditation to help your body prepare for sleep. The best part is that you get it FREE when you sign up for her newsletter!

◊ Relaxation Meditation by Kate Reardon (10 mins)
Another short meditation that is perfect to listen to before bed or anytime you need to relax. Download it for FREE here!

Chakra Healing and Energetic Clearing Meditation Package by Kate Reardon
This package is US$35 and includes 8 meditations ranging from 6-14 mins. They are lovely simple meditations using both visualisation and affirmations. Listen to one when you don’t have a lot of time or listen to them all to get your chakras in alignment.

Healing Journey with the Angels by Kate Reardon (35 mins)
A longer meditation that really does take you on a beautiful journey to help you connect with your intuition. Definitely worth it for US$8!

Healing the Body by Kate Reardon (31 mins)
Another gorgeous one from Kate Reardon. This one helps you relax and connect to your body to promote healing. Also US$8.

Self Healing Practice by Sara Brooke (34 mins)
A lovely gentle meditation with less talking that almost urges you to embrace the monkey mind. It focuses on self-healing through the chakras using reiki. This one is $14.95.

Take Back Your Power Ritual by Sara Brooke (28 mins)
This one takes you on a journey to tap into your intuition and discover any imbalances in your life. Whether you act on them or not you’ll likely get some good insights! This is also $14.95.

Meet Your Totem Animal Ritual by Sara Brooke (22 mins)
My new fave! Your totem animal is not necessarily one you have for life so you can listen to this meditation as often as you like and receive different guidance each time. So far I’ve had the toucan, penguin, and crab guiding me. $14.95 for this one as well.

If you just want a beautiful instrumental track to listen to check out Sonesence by Tahlee Rouillon. If you sign-up to her newsletter she’ll send you a gorgeous free meditones track.

Ready to meditate?

Your Empowered Actions

Click any of the links above to to download some guided meditations


“Take what you need and leave the rest”

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