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Genetic Testing

Forget the one-size-fits-all diet trends!

We are all unique and our genes can indicate exactly what suits us individually, in terms of food, lifestyle and exercise.

Genetic testing can give you a unique understanding of what your body needs to create optimal health and wellbeing.

A genetic test will give you insights into how your genes may be influencing various aspects of your health.

Insights like…
◊ the ratio of carbs, protein, and fat that will work best for your body;
◊ what kind of exercise suits you best;
◊ whether you’re at risk of developing coeliac disease;
◊ how you respond to stress;
◊ how well you body detoxifies environmental toxins;
◊ how quickly your body metabolises caffeine; and
◊ plenty more!

All of this information allows a health practitioner like myself to develop truly personalised recommendations that will have the most impact on your health.

A genetic test also shows you how to build on and make the most of your “good” genes while switching off or reducing the impacts of the “bad”. Remember your genes are not a life sentence. There’s a saying – “genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger”. Understanding how your environment and lifestyle affect your genes gives you the opportunity to make informed choices.

What you get as part of this Genetic Testing service

◊ A genetic test through SmartDNA including a comprehensive pdf report of approximately 100 pages with an explanation of each gene tested as well as easy to understand recommendations

◊ One two-hour session with me to go through your report and discuss the recommendations

How it Works

◊ Once you have invested in this service and returned your completed Services Agreement and Intake Form to me (see FAQs) I will post you a saliva sample test kit.
◊ Once you have collected your sample (see the FAQ section below to view an instructional video) you will need to sign the form included and post both this and the sample off in the pre-paid post satchel.
◊ When the results have been analysed I will contact you to schedule your 2-hour session with me.
◊ Your report will be emailed to you within the 24 hours prior to your session.

Got any questions about Genetic Testing?

Check out the FAQs below or if you don’t find what you need simply email me at and I’ll answer any questions you may have about Genetic Testing and the process, or you can just touch base prior to investing to see if it’s the right choice for you.

FAQs and Important Information

Do I really need to get a genetic test to be healthy?

I don’t necessarily think you “need” to get a genetic test to be healthy but it may provide you with some insights into your health that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

If genetic testing is not in your budget then focussing on eating a balanced whole food diet, moving your body, reducing stress, etc. will definitely help to maintain health.

The benefit of genetic testing is that it is specific to you. Sure, those generalised suggestions I mentioned above are super helpful but they can/may be even more powerful when considered in relation to your genes. For example, the Mediterranean Diet is often promoted as a particularly healthy diet and while it may work really well for some people others will be more suited to a higher-protein, lower-carb diet.

So if you want a truly individualised approach to health then genetic testing may be worth the investment.

What areas of genetic health are covered?

◊ Lipid metabolism
◊ Metabolic syndrome and diabetes
◊ Inflammation
◊ Sodium sensitivity
◊ Co-enzyme Q10
◊ Omega 3 and Omega 6
◊ Vitamins
◊ Methylation – folate and cofactors
◊ Choline
◊ Caffeine metabolism
◊ Coeliac disease
◊ Lactose intolerance
◊ Oxidative stress
◊ Phase I and Phase II detoxification
◊ Weight management
◊ Physiogenomics

Read more here.

Which genes are tested?

Go to this SmartDNA page to find out.

How do I collect my saliva sample?

It is easy to collect your saliva sample using the test kit I will send to you.
Click here to view an instructional video.

How long will it take to get my results back?

It will take at least three weeks for the results to come back once the sample has been posted. Please note that three weeks is the minimum time-frame. There may be a longer turnaround time due to factors such as postal delivery times, whether your saliva sample can be successfully analysed, etc.

What are the Services Agreement and Intake Form?

These documents will be emailed to you after you have invested in this service but you can view them at the links below before doing so.

Services Agreement for Genetic Testing
Intake Form

I see that if I invest in full I get a 10% discount on another session with you. How does that work?

You will receive a discount code after your Genetic Testing session with me which you can use to receive 10% off one One-on-One session with me within three months.

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