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Hi, I’m Olivia Crawford

Holistic Nutritionist + Health Coach

My mission is to inspire and empower you with simple dietary and lifestyle strategies that will create lasting transformation in your health and life

Soon I will be writing about all things health and wellness…

So if you want to optimise every aspect of your being so that you can lead an amazing and fulfilling life stick around!

I believe…

◊ that you have the ability to improve your health and lead a wonderful life

◊ that true health is not solely dependent on your diet

◊ that everyone is different and so an individualised and holistic approach is best

◊ that change is not always easy but it is possible

◊ that health is an ongoing journey

◊ that having the right support can be a game-changer in relation to both your health and life

◊ that life is meant to feel good

◊ that ultimately, you know what is best for you in any given moment

My Story

I have always loved food and had an interest in nutrition and health – I used to rip out the health section in the weekend newspaper every week and excitedly share the information with my parents.

I should have known I was destined to do this for a living but when it was time to apply for University the idea of studying Chemistry was enough to put me off (life tip: follow your passion).

Instead I ended up working in hospitality – think long shifts, late nights, high stress, and irregular meal times. In addition to this my social life was booming – more late nights, alcohol, and lots of social politics.

I started getting sick every month without fail.

Looking back, it’s fairly obvious to see why – I wasn’t taking care of myself – but I just didn’t get it at the time and even if I had I wasn’t about to quit my job or miss out on any social events.

But perhaps this was in fact the start of something bigger…

Fast forward a couple of years to 2010. I’d swapped hospitality for a Bachelor of Psychology and Business but was still struggling with my energy and immunity. After I don’t know how many trips to the doctor they tested my thyroid levels and bam!

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism!

I was put straight on medication, told to stop exercising, and to supplement with Vitamin D and calcium (or failing that, to eats lots of ice-cream… I mean, seriously?!).

That was it!

Even though the medication helped stabilised my thyroid levels I was still struggling!

I knew there had to be a better way … something I could do to help myself.

So I started trawling the Internet and immersing myself in the world of health and wellness.

Eventually I sought the help of a amazing naturopath who helped me immensely.

I was so inspired by her ability to help me that I knew that I wanted to do the same for others so I enrolled to study Nutrition at Endeavour College of Natural Health (which I just graduated from last year) and haven’t looked back.

Today I feel so much more empowered to take charge of my own health.

It has been an amazing journey (one that I am committed to) and I am blown away by the improvements I’ve seen thus far.

I continue to be fascinated and amazed by all there is to know within the health and wellness sphere and I learn more every day.

And now … I want to share my knowledge with you!!!

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

Certification of Health Coach

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Bachelor of Business (Management)

Some random facts about me

◊ A hippie at heart, I love gorgeous boho clothing and homewares, crystals, and oracle cards

◊ I have a huge weakness for chocolate

◊ I am obsessed with books – cookbooks, travel books, self-development books, health books, you name it! My bookshelf is literally overflowing!

◊ My favourite movie is ‘About Time’

◊ Other things that make my heart sing … the beach in summer, swimming in the ocean, the smell of rain, sunshine, biiiiiig hugs, and fresh coconut water (as in, just-fallen-off-the-tree fresh!)

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